Addressing Content Chaos with TagMyDoc

A major problem in the Enterprise Content Management industry is called Content Chaos. But what is Content Chaos?

It is the inability to effectively manage the content of the business. By content, we mean all kinds of data in the form of a file or a document. The problem is that these documents are hardly traceable as they're stored in different environments: attached in an email, saved in a folder on your computer, stored on your desktop, saved in the cloud, printed on paper or even stored in a document management system.

Quite a few Document Management Systems exist on the market and they all try to solve the Content Chaos issue. One of the main problems related to Content Chaos, even with a good document management system, is when a file exits its main system, it loses its traceability while losing trustworthiness of the data. In short, you're losing track of the document and you aren't aware of any changes on it anymore. This is actually a problem for all ECM systems in general. According to the AIIM 2013 annual industry watch report, ECM at the Crossroads, 61% of organizations that respond to its survey have more than half of their content outside the main document management or records management system. The study also shows that most companies use more than one content management system.

This is where TagMyDoc comes into play. Acting as a complement of a Content Management System, TagMyDoc solves the problem of reliability and trustworthiness of a document that goes out of the main system.

Here is our infographic with issues related to Content Chaos that TagMyDoc for Businesses can solve.

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