A new product at a whole new level

This week, we're launching a new and easy-to-use product: TagMyDoc for Businesses.

A look at the big picture


TagMyDoc is even more useful when you have to work with the same documents with people outside your organization.

Every tagged document opens a brand new communication channel between you and your:

  • Suppliers
  • Clients
  • Partners
  • Prospects
  • Sales team on the road

Ensure everyone is on the same page… of the most recent copy!

You have already implemented a document management system? No problem. TagMyDoc for Businesses could also be complementary to this kind of solution for your business to enjoy its benefits:

  • Make sure that every member of your team always work with the most current content.
  • Validate on the spot if the copy you are interacting with is up-to-date or not.
  • Give instant access to the latest version of all your documents.

Exclusive Tools
TagMyDoc for Businesses comes with some features that are exclusive to that plan.

On top of always providing you with the latest version, the tag will tell you right away if the copy you’re interacting with is up-to-date or not. A few seconds is all you need to know if you can continue working with the document or if you have to get the new version.

Put your organization up front by personalizing all of your documents with your company’s logo under each tag. Keep your prospects and clients updated with “always up to date” documents. This option is only included in TagMyDoc for Businesses.

TagMyDoc is compatible with other popular document management systems and cloud storage services. TagMyDoc’s API can also be integrated in any software or web solution that aims to eliminate the issue of working with out of date documents. Contact us if you have any idea on how to integrate TagMyDoc in your next projects.


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